Our children thoroughly enjoy swimming lessons, which take place during the first term. Children are coached in groups, according to their ability. We believe that it is important for all children to be confident in and around water and we strive to ensure that all our children learn basic breathing, floating and swimming styles. The swimming season is ended off with a fun splash gala, where children can demonstrate to their parents what they have learnt throughout the term.


Tennis lessons are held throughout the year at the Port Alfred Tennis Courts. Our coaching programme is run by Lisa Lawson, a private tennis coach in Port Alfred. The children learn many skills through fun games and activities and they receive one-on-one assistance when learning the different types of strokes.


Hockey is held at the Port Alfred Country Club fields. The children are exposed to a wide variety of ball skills as well as fitness exercises. They are taught how to play as a team and they enjoy playing matches against other local schools.

Rugga Kidds - Option Extra Mural

Rugga Kids provides boys and girls the opportunity to enjoy an easy way of learning vital motor skills, teamwork and the necessary skills for the game of rugby – all in a fun, healthy, sociable way. Visit for more information

Netball - Option Extra Mural

Now Netball offers a fun curriculum and is a structured form of activity where girls can learn necessary skills such as co-ordination and agility. Visit for more information

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