About our school

Kowie Foundation School is a private,
co-educational school providing
education from Grade One to Grade Four
(with plans to expand to Grade Seven).

The school is managed by a Governing Body, who meet regularly in order to discuss school issues as well as future plans for the school. There are currently 29 children enrolled in the school. Carol Lee, Lindsay Purdon and Nicola Nel work as a team to ensure that children receive quality education. KFS follows the official South African CAPS (Curriculum, Assessments Policy Statement) curriculum. However, as a private school we are able to incorporate our own topics, lessons and activities, whilst ensuring that the basic CAPS curriculum is covered.
We strive to be a centre of early childhood education and to develop growth in small, co-educational classes. It is our intention to educate the learners to assume responsibility for their skills, talents, rights and safety to meet the demands of tomorrow. The school aims to serve and involve the greater community of Port Alfred.

Our vision is to embrace the children from our community and to show them that there are no barriers stopping them from reaching their dreams.

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Kowie Foundation School.

The school opened its doors on 15 January 2014

Kowie Foundation School was developed in the Old Methodist Church in Wesley Road. As it is a historical building, renovations could only take place inside the church. Three small classes were built that could accommodate a maximum of 12 children per class. We started in 2014 with 13 children (Grade one having 10 learners and Grade 2 having 3 learners ) The third class was used as a Hall / computer room. The vestibule at the back of the church was changed into boys and girls toilet facilities. In 2015 Kowie Foundation School was allowed, through the church, to take over part of the original church hall across the courtyard. This was partitioned off for a hall and a kitchen/computer room. The grounds were re-fenced, keeping the children’s playground separate from the church manse grounds. Using these facilities was a huge asset as the property was zoned for education and the buildings were vacant at the time.
It had been observed that there was a desperate need for a foundation phase school in Port Alfred with smaller classes, allowing educators to focus on the basics in both Language and Maths. Children were transported to Grahamstown, often by bus. Many of the children were too young to be good travellers and spent a huge portion of their day away from home. The children needed to remain in their home town in order to be able to spend quality time with their parents. Kowie Foundation School was therefore started by Bridget McNelis. It follows the same times and terms as the government schools, namely four terms and it is a Christian school respecting other beliefs. KFS wanted a personal approach and to focus on the development of the learner’s character and values.
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